State Employees

I read of Wisconsin and Ohio trying to cut their budgets by cutting the pay and benefits of their workers. This irritates me because the workers that they are are attacking in these proposals are those that followed the dream of all parents and did better than they did. These are college educated people that did what was right. They went to school, stayed out of trouble, met the rigors of background checks, and attempt to do thankless jobs.

The people that want to curb the spending are the same people that are opposed to the healhcare bill that was passed last year for the reason that it would force people to purchase health insurance. The people that are being attacked stand to loose their health insurance forcing more people into the pool that would not be able to get insurance with out assistance from . . .wait for it . . . the government!

Examine the leaders that are proposing these cuts and give them a piece of your mind.



I really cannot understand how the government at the end of December extend tax breaks to all and in mid January complain that there is too much debt.

When I need more money in my life I do not go to my boss and ask for a pay cut. I ask for a raise or find another job or find a second job. This is called being responsible. The state of Illinois recently raised their personal income tax. The reason for this is o they can work on their budget problems. States and the Federal governments have been borrowing money like crazy for the last quarter of the last century. The United States has often borrowed money. We were in debt from the Revolution. Alexander Hamilton created a very aggressive plan in the infancy of the country to pay that back and create trust in the American currency and bonds.

Maybe with all the bailouts of banks and insurance companies the United States should have created a national bank with that money and lend it to the people and collect the interest from the loans would go into our treasury.

We need some really inventive ways to pay this down.

Here are some cuts that can be made to the budget and projects that can be implemented to build a stronger nation.

1. Everyone collecting welfare and unemployment works for their money. With cities and states cutting services, unemployed people can mow the grass, trim trees, clear trees, or pick up liter. This frees up money for the municipalities and states to move those employees to more customer service type work (if they had not already been let go.)

2. Cut off foreign aid. We do not need to give billions of dollars to other countries. We have our  own issues in this country and we do not need to be the world’s charity.

3. Cut military spending. We need to listen to what the military wants. There are several projects that come from Congress as opposed  to the Pentagon. These pet projects need to be cut. Our navy is larger than the next 13 navies combined. (11 of the navies are from our allies.) Our air force is much larger than China’s. We can decrease some of our military spending and pay down on debt.

If we start using some common sense and realistic budgets we can decrease our debt and increase our security.

Now on to what is about to happen in Congress. The debate on the debt ceiling. Yes, we need to expand the debt ceiling at this point. If we do not, our economy will be devastated.   Our currency will drop in value and faith in the United States (and capitalism) will be greatly diminished. If we cannot afford to pay our military, we run the risk of losing ground in Afghanistan and in the war against terrorism. In history, we have seen countries that have trouble paying their military. What happens? The military, on more than one occasion, has over thrown the civilian government. The people unwilling to compromise on this are playing with fire that I do not want our country to play


As I have stated before, it is time that our Congressmen and woman begin to look back to the Reagan era Congressmen on how to act. There was a an old story I once heard of a freshman representative walking with a senior representative of his party. They spotted two members of the opposing party and the freshman said “the enemy.” The senior representative said “no, Senators are the enemies.”

For the good of our nation, Congress has to show the rest of the county that it is OK for people of differing views are willing to sit down and find common ground and create laws based on that common ground.


We should keep Giffords and her family in our prayers and thoughts. Lets hope for a full and speedy recovery.


The climate in American politics has gotten this way very quickly. Following the election of the Clinton in 1992, bumper stickers were made that said “Impeach Clinton”,”Liberate America”, and  “1/20/97.” and following Bush’s election. But since the election of Obama, I have witness not just political disagreement but very hateful and distasteful arguments.  The birthers and Tea Party over the  last two plus years that have basically came out short of running a campaign to  assassinate Obama. Angle calling for a “2nd amendment  solution.” The shooting of Giffords is exactly what Angle was calling for. The Tea Party not only supports this type of speech but encourages it.

Let’s examine past American political assassinations and attempts.\

Lincoln – Lincoln was shot at the very end of a Civil War and the ending a way of life existed in Southern States for nearly 400 years before.

Garfield – Assassinated by someone that was upset for not getting a political appointment following his election

McKinley – McKinley was assassinated by a crazy immigrant

Kennedy – JFK -Setting aside the conspiracies, Kennedy was assassinated by a guy that had some mental problems.

Kennedy -RJK- Assassinated by a a deranged individual

Ford – Both attempts on him were by deranged women

Reagan – Shot by a guy who thought an actress would be attracted to him if he killed the President.

None of them, after Lincoln, were political. They were by crazy people that had opportunity. It is not that they were acting as part of a political movement. This guy will certainly be called crazy but I feel that he would not have had the idea if it was not for people like Angle and other Tea Party related “news” talk people.


White Americans simply can not call African Americans or refer to African Americans as monkeys. I do not remember when i exactly learned that but it was well before I got into middle school. There is absolutely no excuse for the comments that Brian Wilson of WSPD in Toledo made. Yes, Toledo Public Schools like most large city schools are not very good. They are   other ways to criticize them than saying that they are “training monkeys to peel bananas on cue.”

Large school districts like TPS, Palm Beach County (FL), Broward County (FL), New York City, Cleveland, Columbus, etc. all have some major difficulties.

1. The majority of the students that are in large urban areas are at or below the poverty line. As a result, their home lives are tough. They come from any combination of single parent, teen age parent, unemployed, poorly educated parental figures. If you are unsure if you are going to eat the next day school takes a back seat. Some school districts take money that is needed for instruction or facilities and provide breakfast, lunches, and backpacks of food for weekends.  Funding at schools that are failing needs to be increased. The schools that are doing well do not need the money as much as those that are struggling.

2. Teachers only get 8 hours a day 180 days a year to influence a child’s life. That leaves 16 hours 180 days and 24 hours 185 days a year for the child to be influenced by EVERYTHING else. The United States needs to break from the agriculturally based educational system. Students need to be in school year round. The schedule should be three weeks sprint sessions. Students would be required to prove proficiency on a section of information before they move to the next break. For example, a third  grader should be able to do basic multiplication (3*2=6). The would spend three weeks working with the multiplication table. At the end of the three weeks, the student would have to at high level prove his proficiency. After the week break, he needs to reprove his knowledge and then move into new information ro be sent back to redo that section.

3.  Teacher retention needs to be improved. The schools that are the lowest performing often loose their teachers faster than more successful schools. A teacher at a poorer school will leave when their  incentives expire, such as student loan debt is forgiven. Teacher burn out is a lot higher at schools that are lower performing. Teachers do not feel as appreciated.



I would like to wish John Boehner the best of luck. He has a very tough job in front of him. He has a lot of people in his coalition from various places and with different views. For the first time I can remember, this is Republican group that may not work as a solid block. I think there will be a lot of hurt feelings by some of the Tea Party people and that may force them out of the Republican umbrella. There are some mainstream GOPers that had to fight off these Tea Party people in primaries that did not get a solid backing from their party also. As a result, I see some of these GOPers siding with a center leaning Democratic group while many of the GOPers from very safe districts going more radical.

What does all this mean?

I am predicting a splitting of the GOP by November 2012. It will probably be solidified during the primary races of the spring and summer of next year. If someone like Mike Bloomberg decides to not run but fund a conservative centralist party. He could back a guy like Charlie Crist from FL. Crist has a lot of the credentials that would make him a decent candidate. Crist could choose a conservative Democrat as a running mate. If the GOP selects Palin, then this centralist party could really gather steam.

Back to Boehner: I have nothing against the guy. I do think he appears weak when crying in public and he does remind me a lot of the Republican Revolution of 1994. (Term limits obviously did not apply to him.) The Republican ideas of the mid 1990’s were not horrid. They did help create a balanced budget and surplus. (Destroyed by the Bush tax cuts.) Things did grow strongly through the end of the 1990’s because of their influence.

Let’s hope that Boehner will lead some compromise and allow the government to do its job.

A restaurant closed

I read a simple article It is a about a restaurant closing in a neighborhood that was somewhat expensive when I first got to Florida. There are a lot of apartments and the area is fairly transient.

I am completely in awe of how racist some of the comments.   The comments show me that many people in the are in which I live are far less educated than I first thought. (I did not think they were overly educated to start with.)